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COVID-19 Office Updates

Cranbrook Vision Care, Optometrists COVID-19 Safety Plan

We have developed the following policy regarding COVID-19 to align with the mandatory and voluntary recommendations made by the provincial and federal governments to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. The information is subject to change based on the course of the pandemic and recommendations from the federal and provincial health authorities.

The signs and symptoms of COVID-19  are extremely variable and can overlap with other less serious communicable diseases that are also at their peak this time of year. Because of this, it is easy to become anxious if we, or someone we know, become ill or if we encounter someone that seems unwell. However, to date the fact remains that the number of detected cases remains very low in B.C. and nationally. Most cases in B.C. are in the lower mainland area. This is despite the likelihood that a large number of tests are performed daily in the province and the country.

Considering we are members of a health care profession, we need to trust in the authorities and experts and adhere to their recommendations in and out of the office. This is not a time to judge, assume, form personal opinions, or panic. We need to treat each other with respect, be transparent with those around us regarding illness and follow protocol that is ever evolving.  We will do our best to keep everyone updated on current standards related to COVID-19. 

The BC Centre For Disease Control ( and Healthlink BC ( are excellent resources regarding up to date information and protocol regarding COVID-19.

Employment Policies

  1. If you become unwell for any reason you are not to be at work. If you become ill while away from the office, do not return to work until you feel well and are free of signs and symptoms.

  2. If you are experiencing any symptoms suggestive of COVID, refer to current government protocols.*

    1. If current government protocol results in consulting with a physician or the 811 call line, you are expected to follow the advice given based on your history, signs and symptoms (eg. self monitor, self isolate/quarantine, present for testing).

    2. If it has been recommended that you self-isolate, quarantine or be tested for COVID-19, do not return to work until this has been completed.

  3. If it is found that you have been exposed to someone with confirmed COVID 19, either in or out of the office, proceed home immediately, report to one of the doctors and follow the protocol recommended by your family doctor and/or a 811 health nurse.

  4. Any subsequent office closures, related to COVID-19 will occur under the order of the provincial or federal government, the College of Optometrists of BC or the doctors of Cranbrook Vision Care.

*The BC Centre For Disease Control ( and Healthlink BC ( have the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 for the public, employers and employees.  These websites will be our reference for dealing with events related to COVID-19.  The BCCDC has definitions for self monitoring, self isolation/quarantine should they be required of any members of our office that are dealing with illness.

Office Safety Policies

  1. All team members must abide by the appropriate sanitizing procedures. 

  1. Every day, all hard surfaces will be wiped down at least mid morning and mid afternoon. Surfaces that patients contact will be cleaned after each patient encounter.

  2. Team members should not share work stations. Workstation counters should be kept clear of all items to allow for easier cleaning. All personal items are to be removed. 

  3. All close contact should be eliminated. No shaking of hands, hugging, etc. 

  1. All patients who are to enter the office must be asked the following 2 screening questions:

    1. Are you unwell for any reason?

    2. Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two weeks?

If a patient has an urgent/emergent eye health issue but fails the screening criteria, they will be asked to return to their vehicle and will start with a telephone consult and/or parking lot screening by the doctor before that person is allowed to enter further into the office. All patients in our office will be required to wear a mask.

  1. Pretesting

    1. PPE to be worn, without exception, including a mask and/or visor.

  2. Dispensing

    1. New glasses may be fitted with the use of PPE including a mask and/or visor. 

    2. Frames must be cleaned and sanitized after contact by each patient and before being placed back on display.

    3. For adjustments/repairs on a patient’s existing glasses, frames should be cleaned prior to making the adjustment and repair and tools must be sanitized after use.

    4. Hands must be washed/sanitized, or gloves donned/doffed immediately before and after handling a patient’s glasses.

  3. Food for personal consumption is acceptable in the office lunch room; however, the sharing of food/snacks on the lunch room table is not acceptable until further notice. Birthday cakes will be discontinued for now. 

  4. Any personal protective equipment not provided by our office is not mandatory (e.g., scrubs), but will be acceptable for a period of time to be determined by the doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic (currently until the end of 2020).